Welcome to Snow World

welcome imageITS SNOW ALL THE WAY
      Its indeed a wonder world in India, the indoor area filled with plenty Of Snow which is produced using state of the art technology, the snow is as natural as found in nature. It has largest snow area of 17000 sft.

          Once you enter, the huge snow filled area with -5* Centigrade Oh! What a fun to have this chilling experience. Its thrilling environment with Polar Bears, penguins, Alpine Trees will leave you spellbound. What’s More, you have the (Igloo) too.

          The Cryozone of Snow World consisting of kids Snow play area, Snow slide, Snow Merry-Go-Round, Snow sculptures, snow basket ball, Snow Mountain,Snow valley Ball, Snow Dancing, Ice Hotel etc and snow fall in every session, that will take you breath away, yes, because its Snow all the way.

Protecting you From -5 Deg C

      Speacial Warm jackets, gloves, socks and water proof shoes will be provided. Children below 2 feet height are strictly not allowed. Wearing warm clothes os compulsory for enterting Snow area. Persons with Heart & Asthma Problems and Pregnent women must enter the Snow Area on Doctor's Advise only.

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